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The Chessed Army

The Chessed Army is a group of dedicated volunteers with a single focus on how they could help. Our goal is to connect people in need with other people that are able to fulfill and support those needs. We also provide a place for people that have available information, resources, or opportunities to share that in a centrally managed location.


The Chessed Army is made up of thousands of members, across multiple countries, states, and neighborhoods. All communicating through multiple WhatsApp groups, sharing information, knowledge, expertise, and resources, and coming together as one unified army looking to aid our fellow brothers and sisters.


If you’re on this group, you recognize you have a power to help people through information and resource. Stay tuned for the next request for help. 💪🏻


Link to All Resources: • Password is Lchaim613


If this initial group is full, you can join Chessed Army 2.0 which has all the same messages.


Link to Chessed Army 2.0:


Link to this Initial Group:

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