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Are We Missing Something?

We're living in a time where there is an unbelievable amount of Torah study. Families are being built. Communities are thriving...but is there something we can add?

Life can be complicated. Boring. Messy.

What if we had more tools, more content and more resources to help us navigate life as an Orthodox Jew through an enjoyable medium. To live life with more ease. More enjoyment.

Welcome to Living Lchaim.

Living Lchaim.jpg

Hi. I'm Yaakov. You might know me from podcast interviews or maybe Yid With Sign.

I grew up with so much but something was missing.

Is there a better way we can talk "money" as a frum Jew? Dave Ramsey has great tips and tricks but there's only so much he can help me.

Are we having enough conversations about mental health?

Can someone who isn't crazy about Jewish music get more into it?

Men have so many Rabbeim, Ravs and mashpias. How would we create more voices for women?

These are a few questions I hope to tackle with this platform.

Inspiration for the Nation, Kosher Money, That's An Issue, The Spirit of the Song and Not Your Typical Podcast with Charlene Aminoff are the first shows and we have many more coming.

Might not solve all of our issues. But to start the dialogue and help people achieve more happiness.


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